RegTech update October 2015

Harwell’s RegTech Advisors’ Take Off

On 15 October, six Diamond Light Source employees were formally congratulated as workplace champions for professional registration by CEO, Andrew Harrison.

In presenting their Prospect sponsored RegTech advisor certificates, Andrew commented on how this initiative was particularly timely in Diamond Light Source history “encapsulating what fantastic science and engineering was taking place and how important it was to inspire more individuals to careers in the sector – and Diamond” . He commended the “six pioneers” for their dedication in supporting others and expressed a wish for “more to get involved”.

RITTECH – Benchmark for IT professionals

The session also included an update on the forthcoming launch of the new standard and public register for RITTECH. BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT, is licenced to award the Professional Registration of IT Technicians (RITTech) which will be a recognised benchmark of standing within the IT industry.

To achieve the RITTECH status individuals will be required to complete an online assessment demonstrating their experience and technical knowledge against core business skills. The individual application also requires a supporter, usually line manager, to confirm their skills. Before awarding the RITTECH status and placing the individual on the public register, BCS requires each application to be peer reviewed. 

One Stop Shop for Science Technician Registration

Science Council’s Business Engagement and Quality Manager, Steve Ward, demonstrated how the new “slim line” online professional registration form and process worked:

As the Science Council is responsible for the professional register it was made clear that an individual can apply for or hold Registered status with one licensed professional body and transfer it to another licensed professional body if their professional body membership requirements change.

Whilst there are currently 10 Science Professional Bodies offering RSciTech, it is expected this will expand in the new year. To help support the work of physics technicians, our very own RegTech Advisor and Diamond Light Source employee, Adrian Johnson, has written about his experience:

With six new RegTech Advisors in situ at Diamond Light Source, the Prospect RegTech Project is keen to expand the network across other Prospect recognised workplaces. As part of its programme, the Project will be training in John Innes Centre in early December 2015. If you would like to find out more, contact [email protected].