Salary calculator

Salary calculatorThis salary calculator is an excellent tool for quickly and easily working out what your take-home pay (or net income) will be after deductions such as tax, pension payments and student loan repayments.

Simply enter your salary, otherwise known as gross income, plus a few additional bits of information: which tax year you need to calculate for, whether you or married, whether you have a student loan and whether you are over or under 65. You will then be given a concise breakdown of your salary by year, month, week, day and hour.

The salary calculator also clearly sets out your minimum personal allowance and taxable income, and whether you are eligible for married couple’s allowance. Your tax and national insurance payments are provided, again by year, month, week, day and hour, and finally you are given your net income, or ‘take home pay’. Plus, if you’re curious to know how your salary compares to those of others working in the same industry, why not visit our labour market data section.