Career development

Working abroad

How to work abroad

Find a job

Whether your destination choice is because that country is actively seeking professionals in your sector, or you simply have your heart set on living in a certain place, your first step is to find a job.

Start with online research. Some countries may be actively recruiting in sectors such as healthcare, engineering and construction, while others may be focusing on education, IT or manufacturing. Could you help to plug a gap in an overseas workforce?

Professional development

Motivations for professional development may include:

  • Developing in your current job
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Changing your career direction

Established approaches to professional development include technical assistance (through provision of resources), communities of practice (groups with common interests who learn from each other), and reflective learning processes such as coaching and mentoring.

Mentoring and coaching

There are subtle differences between mentoring and coaching, albeit the personal skills required to fulfil the roles are similar.

Personal skills required

Skills needed for mentoring and coaching include: listening, communication, problem-solving, team working, planning and organising, analytical, empathy, maximising performance – setting and reviewing targets and technical/specialist knowledge (coach).

Investors in People

IiP has three principles – Plan, Do, Review – and ten indicators. In 2009 the IiP standard was reviewed to enable organisations to concentrate on high-priority indicators and work to improve these areas first. See more on the IiP website.

Some evidence suggests that organisations adopting IiP gain benefit. Reports and surveys cite improved efficiencies within companies as well as an increase in employee engagement and performance.

A recent study from the Institute for Employment Studies states: