Getting noticed at work

Improving your work profile is influenced by the person you are, your motivation, work environment, working pattern and sector culture.

Here are some practical tips about how to improve your profile at work to help progress your career and achieve your work goals.

Increasing your visibility

There are many ways you can increase your visibility at work and improve your career prospects.

Volunteer to help with events, join groups or take on extra responsibilities. Be eager to help out and gain experience - this can help you get noticed and expand your network. Take on work which is different or above your pay grade - and acquire skills which will stand you in good stead when you apply for promotion. Consider becoming a union representative - this can help to raise your profile and broaden your knowledge base.

Speak up during meetings. Be confident and contribute ideas - but don’t talk over others. Try to make a positive contribution so that others value your input. Long meetings can drag - but be aware of your body language - stay open and attentive. Arrive early for meetings - don’t arrive late. Introduce yourself to people you haven’t met before.

Build relationships. Get involved in informal work events: attend Christmas meals or drinks, chip in for birthday cards, join the tea club or help out with charity events. Take advantage of business networking opportunities

Recognise the achievements and contributions of others - and your own. Give credit where it’s due, and give yourself credit too. Accept recognition when it is offered and avoid false modesty. Take credit for your work when you deserve it. Don’t blow your own trumpet - but give it a toot.


Building a good reputation in the work place can help you improve your work profile and get noticed at work for the right reasons.

Be courteous in your emails. It is easy for emails to be misconstrued as curt or cold. Being well-mannered can help you stand out from the crowd.

Be considerate. Take the time to understand someone's needs and then go the extra mile. Add value to your work by anticipating what might be extra helpful for them.

Be timely. Be realistic when agreeing deadlines so you’re more likely to meet them. Keep people informed about delays so that their expectations are managed. If people know you are reliable they will request you and recommend you.

Pay attention to the quality of your work. Make sure you are meeting customer or colleague requirements and the expectations of your team.

Be observant and be helpful. Make yourself available to colleagues when they need support. Offer your help if they are overworked or in need of help.

Be presentable. Although your work will always be most important, being clean and tidy leaves a good impression.

Suggest improvements. Don’t be shy about trying to make work better and easier - but try not to step on any toes.

Performance Development Review (PDR) or Appraisals

If your organisation operates a PDR or appraisal process, always:

  • Prepare for it in advance.
  • Read all the relevant documentation.
  • Prepare any questions or comments you wish to make.
  • Ensure your agreed goals and objectives are realistic and fair.

Further advice

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