Selling your skills and strengths podcast

Blowing your own trumpet doesn’t come easy to many, and these podcasts offer advice on how to identify your strengths and use them to progress in your career.

There is also information on how to analyse the skills required in a job description and apply your experience to that job, plus a look at what is meant by ‘transferable skills’.

Useful resources

The following handouts compliment the Podcasts below.

Identifying strengths

This podcast explains what is meant by the strengths, how you can identify them, and the the importance of doing so when considering your career plan. Appendices 4 and 5 from the Guide are tools to refer too.

Job descriptions, analysing the skills required

This podcast details how to approach and work though an example job description and person specification, that of an Office Manager. It analyses specific competencies, and highlights the importance of the person specification and the requirement to gather and consolidate evidence to demonstrate your skills.

Transferable skills

This podcast explores what is meant by transferable skills, clarifying the difference between hard (technical) skills and soft (competency/transferable) skills. Working through a specific skill example, it illustrates the importance of understanding what is meant by a particular skill or phrase, and the value of breaking down the component behaviours and actions.