Looking after your own work stress podcast

Stress at work is an all too common problem, and this series of podcasts provide plenty of essential advice and practical techniques on how to cope.

From identifying the causes of stress to managing and alleviating it, they look at how to achieve better time management and a work/life balance, and how to say ‘no’.

How to identify your stressors

This podcast raises the important issue of stress in the workplace, outlining the definition of stress and how to identify your stress. It explores what can triggers stress in the workplace and outlines the 5 practical techniques you can employ to manage your stress.


This podcast explores the 1st of the 5 practical techniques of managing your stress in the workplace, defining what resilience is, and some steps you can employ to alleviate stress and manage your workload.

Time management

This podcast explores the 2nd of the 5 practical techniques for managing your stress in the workplace, defines what effective time management is, and illustrates how you can take more control and thereby reduce stress – including clarity of goals, planning your tasks and goals in advance and ring fencing time to achieve them.

Saying ‘No’

This podcast explores the 3rd of the 5 practical techniques, specifically focusing on developing confidence to say no. This includes 4 tips for asserting a “No” response positively.

Work/life balance

This podcast explores the 4th of the 5 practical techniques, concentrating on the importance of active rest in your life to aid a work life balance. It also discusses the different type of formal and informal techniques you can employ.

Techniques to help you

This podcast highlights and explains a number of resources available to you to manage stress in the workplace, including Prospect’s stress portal and other national online support.

Signposting to resources

This podcast details links to a range of downloadable resources and materials to assist with identifying and managing stress.